Mr Amir Shakolahi

Pavement/Railway Technical Manager at Global Synthetics

Amir has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. As a designer, project manager and researcher, he has been involved in Geosynthetics industry over the last 15 years and has published and presented more than 50 technical papers in national and international conferences, seminars and journals. Besides that, Amir has been a member of the technical and organising committee for more than 60 national and international conferences during these years, covering wide range of geosynthetic applications such as geogrid reinforcement (roads, railways, reinforced slopes and retaining walls), basal reinforcement, erosion control and slope stability, oil and gas, drainage and hydraulic application, landfills land tailings dams, and coastal protection.

Amir has been involved in preparing several specifications for geosynthetics in Australia and overseas. He was also the board member of the International Geosynthetic Society-Australasian Chapter for last 4 years. Amir is now the Technical Manager at Global Synthetics QLD. He is also involved in several geosynthetic research programs in Australia and overseas as the industry supervisor.