Professor Xianzhang Ling

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) China

Professor Ling’s research speciality lies in engineering and railway embankments in a seasonally frozen region of China since the 2000s. Over two decades, he has made significant contributions to research in the areas of transportation dynamics both in theory and practice applications.

He developed two new research directions of traffic dynamics that received international reputation: [a] vibration response and stability of subgrade under train load in cold area; [b] vibration response and stability of subgrade under heavy-duty vehicle load in deep seasonal frozen soil area.

Professor Ling’s research aims to develop innovative design and construction practices in rail track engineering and problematic ground improvement for stabilizing embankment in the seasonally frozen region. He developed and led a strong research team in geotechnical engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology. He also collaborates with a number of researchers in different parts of the world.